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This site is the UBC's base in the internet. It offers the opportunity to learn about us as well as to take part in some of our projects. In order to eliminate all unclear points right from the start, here the answers to the following FAQ's:

What exactly does this site offer? - What is the UBC? - Who is the Ense-Fighter?

Übersetzt von: Karl-Heinz Laschke

What exactly does this site offer?

First of all, it offers diversity: We introduce ourselves and our short films, there are back-ground infos about our videos, reports about current projects and picture galleries with stills from our films. A special sub-page has been dedicated to the complete history of Ense-Fighter, including pics, a card game, and the film posters. Important too is the interactive part of our homepage, through which everyone can e.g. take part in our story project or browse through our collection of imperatives. In addition, there's the possibility to download film-clips and desktop backgrounds, as well as to order UBC merchandise. Remember: Participation is highly welcome!!

What is the UBC?

UBC is the acronym of United Brain Company. Under this name we, an open group, have been producing video projects and short films since 1991. Originating from the creators of the UBC - Marco Euskirchen, Karl-Heinz Laschke and Michael Osterhaus, who at that time were still attending the same school - we expanded the UBC's sphere to 6 people directly involved, and several friends and supporters. Even though only one member made his hobby his profession and now works at a TV studio, our common hobby of making films has been upheld by us for by now almost 10 years.

Who is the Ense-Fighter?

One of the film characters we created is ENSE-FIGHTER, who is the fictitious superhero of the small municipality of Ense in Germany. In these villages we come from, he is the untiring fighter for the good and sees to it that his arch-enemy, the evil DR DUUM will not succeed in usurping the power over Ense. In 1996/7 we made the first ever film to feature Ense-Fighter, a making-of documentary of an action film the full-length version of which had never existed. According to Ense-Fighter history, there is a total of 20 sequels, all of which we are going to introduce in our pseudo-documentary Ense-Fighter 2000, currently in production. The plots of the respective sequels are already up on the this homepage for all to read.